The IDA symposium series is guided by a council and has an advisory board that can be consulted for advice. The current composition of the IDA Council is given below.

The purpose of the council is both to ensure continuity and to innovate the symposium series when needed. As such, it is responsible for decisions that have a long-term impact on the symposium and its community. This includes, e.g., the assessment of proposals by future organizers, making the final decision on such proposals, the transfer from one conference to the next, long-term contacts with publishers, etc. In other conferences/symposia the council is also called steering committee.

The council meets at least once a year, i.e., during each IDA symposium. Throughout the year, the council supports organizers of the next symposium edition and discusses long-term strategy.

Current council

General chair
Matthijs van Leeuwen, Leiden University (NL)

Jaakko Hollmen, Aalto University (FI)

Proposal chair
Joost Kok, University of Twente (NL)

Elizabeth Bradley, University of Colorado (USA)
Tijl De Bie, Ghent University (BE)
Elisa Fromont, Uni Rennes 1 (FR)
Frank Höppner, Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences (DE)
Arno Siebes, Utrecht University (NL)
Allan Tucker, Brunel University (UK)

Honorary members
Michael Berthold, Konstanz University (DE)
Xiaohui Liu, Brunel University (UK)